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Russian billionaire argues that record-breaking £452 million divorce settlement was 'unfair'

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A Russian billionaire who has been ordered to hand his ex-wife £453 million has argued that the settlement is “manifestly unfair.”

Mr Farkhad Akhmedov, 61, first married Ms Tatiana Akhmedova in Russia – where their relationship was also later dissolved.

However, the gas and oil tycoon was ordered to hand Ms Akhmedova a record-breaking settlement of £453 million during a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London last year, which was overseen by a High Court judge.

In recent days, the case has reappeared before the Court of Appeal, where the billionaire businessman has argued that the settlement was “manifestly unfair” and that he has received “no justice” in the UK, after his solicitor was made to disclose the full details of his multi-billion pound fortune – including a secret art collection.

Previously, Mr Akhmedov was hit with a worldwide asset freezing order after a Judge condemned his “cavalier attitude.”

Meanwhile, despite the giant settlement agreed, Ms Akhmedova has argued that she has “to date received nothing” from her ex-husband – and has indicated that he has made “seriously iniquitous” attempts to salt away his assets.

Examining the legal issues relating to the solicitor who previously represented Mr Akhmedov, the Court of Appeal ruled that the businessman’s former solicitor had rightly been ordered to reveal the whereabouts of his art collection and other assets.

Mr Akhmedov said: “I am neither surprised nor disappointed by this ruling, even though I had hoped that the higher court might have shown some impartiality.

“Instead, its decision proves again that there is no justice for me in British courts.”

The Russian billionaire argued that London judges were wrong to “interfere” in the breakdown of his marriage.

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