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Separated midlands couple battled over daughter for 28 months

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In a recent Court of Appeal case, Lady Justice Black revealed that a three-year-old girl was at the centre of 17 family court hearings, due to ongoing legal action by her separated parents.

The girl’s mother and father, from the midlands, had been involved in constant litigation regarding their child’s living arrangements, over a period of 28 months from May 2013 to September 2015.

The information was revealed by the Judge as part of the latest legal challenge, launched by the girl’s mother who wanted to appeal a family court Judge’s decision in Birmingham, which stated that the girl should leave her mother’s care and reside with her father instead.

In her written ruling, Lady Justice Black said that a number of other family court Judges had already provided rulings relating to the ongoing litigation and that their findings had been “adverse to the mother”.

The Judge said the parents had been separated for the majority of their daughter’s life, and also acknowledged that the mother had been the girl’s “primary carer” since she was born.

However, after weighing up all the evidence provided, including the fact that another family court Judge had previously highlighted the mother’s dishonesty when describing the impact visits to the father had had on her daughter’s health, the Judge rejected the mother’s latest case.

It was also added that the mother had “no real prospect” of being successful in her appeal.

All of the parties involved in the case had their anonymity protected during Lady Black’s ruling.