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Study suggests 'green turning point' in UK low-carbon energy consumption

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New research suggests that more than half of the UK’s electricity was sourced from low-carbon and renewable energy sources between July and September.

The news, which comes shortly after Good Energy launched Britain’s first ever renewable energy marketplace for business consumers, Selectricity, marks a ‘green turning point’ for the UK, according to researchers from energy company Drax.

Drax’s study found that electricity sourced from renewable or low-carbon sources peaked at 50.2 per cent over the course of summer 2016.

According to their report, renewables made up 20 per cent of energy used, aided by continual growth in renewable energy capacity.

The report also suggests that the UK’s electricity “was completely coal-free for nearly six days over the last quarter”. These comments follow recent news that the Government will investigate potential closures of the UK’s coal-fired power stations by 2025.

Drax’s report read: “Coal plants have been pushed off the system by competition from gas, nuclear and renewables. 5 May 2016 was a historic day, the first time since 1881 that Britain burnt no coal to produce its electricity.

“Far from being a one-off, this has continued to become the norm over summer,” it added.