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Survey suggests race discrimination remains a real cause for concern

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A recent survey has found that race discrimination is still all too common in some businesses.

The Race at Work report polled 24,000 members-of-staff across the UK and raised some worrying questions about the handling of workplace tensions.

28 per cent of employees from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background admitted that they had experienced or witnessed racial harassment or bullying from their manager in the past five years.

Around 30 per cent of those surveyed thought they had been overlooked for promotion because of their ethnicity and almost half said they had not been offered equality, diversity and inclusion training within their organisation.

It has previously been suggested that not enough is being done to remind businesses of their responsibilities as regards race discrimination, with greater emphasis sometimes placed on sex and age discrimination.

Only last month, a firearms officer at Cleveland Police won an Employment Tribunal.

PC Nadeem Sadique had taken legal action following a raft of racist remarks by colleagues.

In a letter to a senior officer four years ago, he wrote: “I wonder why they feel so confident in the work environment to make such comments and display robust racism?

“One has to come to the conclusion that this is an environment where they feel so comfortable as no-one challenges it and in most cases it is positively encouraged.”