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Suspended sentence for woman who forged Will

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A woman who forged a Will in an attempt to disinherit her two children and stepson has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Following the death of her partner, Kamarah Graham-York had produced a document which apparently left everything to her.

She had claimed that the paperwork, naming her as the sole beneficiary of a sizeable estate, had been concealed between old music books at the London home she shared with Norton Brian York.

Isleworth Crown Court had heard that the couple had never married and, despite the fact that they had lived together for more than 30 years, the entire estate would pass to the three children.

Ms Graham-York has admitted falsely representing the Will was valid and this month received a two year suspended prison sentence.

Addressing the defendant, Judge Phillip Matthews said: “You were concerned that you were going to be left high and dry so planned your own method to obtain what you could from the estate.

“You were shocked by the fact there was no Will, but that is no excuse for making the lives of your family a misery for years and the criminal deception went on for years.

“You involved others through pressure, it was sophisticated, you forged a document with your ex-partner's signature. It appears the purpose of your deception was to take the lot.”

During the course of proceedings, the Crown Court had heard how Ms Graham-York had begun to draw up elaborate plans following the death of her long-term partner in June 2009.

Her stepson became suspicious when he noticed the signature on the document bore no resemblance to his father’s. He had also found documents which appeared to show that Graham-York had been practising the signature.

The defendant has since been evicted from her old home in Chiswick, West London, and is now living in a one-room council dwelling.

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