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Tens of thousands may miss out as a result of care cap delay

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Around 75,000 families stand to lose out as a result of the Government’s decision to push back the introduction of a new cap on care home fees.

The policy was originally intended to be implemented this month as part of efforts to relieve the financial pressure facing Britain’s ageing population. Under the proposals, bills would be capped at £72,000.

But following the General Election, ministers were forced to admit that they would not be able to keep to the original timetable and the cap would instead take effect at the end of the decade.

Now research suggests that this delay could prove immensely costly for the many pensioners who would otherwise have benefited from the change in arrangements.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “We accept that this is a time of austerity but it is not fair for frail and vulnerable older people to have to pay the price.

“We are now in a position where increasing numbers of older people are going without the care they need – an estimated million with the numbers going up all the time.”

Labour MP Emma Reynolds is among those who has criticised the decision to push back the proposals.

“It is devastating news for the many thousands of older people and their families who have been trying to plan for the future.

“Older people with care needs will now continue to be penalised by a system that means too many have to sell their homes or use their savings to cover sky-high care costs that few can afford.”