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Unfairly dismissed BT worker awarded £31,000

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A former BT worker has been awarded £31,000 compensation after being unfairly dismissed from his job due to claims that he was discriminatory towards another employee.

Roderick Wilson, from Dundee, worked for the telecoms giant between 1998 and February 2016, where he was enrolled as a customer services advisor.

On four separate occasions, a member of staff alleged that Mr Wilson was racist towards them, and Mr Wilson was subsequently sacked by the company for gross misconduct.

A tribunal ruled that BT had failed to investigate the alleged claims, and that it had failed to determine whether Mr Wilson had done anything wrong.

Employment Judge Ian McFatridge awarded the former employee compensation to the tune of £31,323.12.

The Judge said there was “also a failure to interview crucial witnesses” to the incidents, and “a number of quite outrageous remarks are made without any foundations”.

Judge McFatridge stated that the centre manager, Ahdeel Mahboob, and general manager, Rachel Hancock, who dealt with the allegations against Mr Wilson, “approached the issue with a closed mind”.

“No matter what, they would be finding the allegations against the claimant proven and dismissing him,” he added.

A spokesman for BT said: “BT employed Rod Wilson as a customer services adviser. BT dismissed Mr Wilson due to gross misconduct.

“The tribunal found that the dismissal was unfair due to failures in the investigation process. BT is taking legal advice on the prospects of an appeal.”