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What is Contentious Probate?

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People often ask on what "Contentious Probate" means. A brief summary is set out below:

a) Concerns over the validity of the Will. For example, that the Deceased did not have the mental capacity to make a Will, wasn't aware of the contents, was unduly influenced.

b) Claims that the formalities necessary to make a valid Will have not been adhered to, for example that there is only one witness or it is unsigned.

(c) That the provision under the Will or the rules of Intestacy do not make reasonable financial provision.

(d) Claims by beneficiaries that the Personal Representatives are not administering the Estate in accordance with Will or Intestacy Rules.

(e) Claims relating to rectifying the Will.

(f) Claims regarding the interpretation of the Will.

We are always happy to discuss potential claims. To discuss further, please email Partner Robert Weston, Head of Contentious Probate.