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Wind power will be a fierce competitor for grid dominance by 2024, report finds

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Britain will be one of the world’s first countries to see renewable wind power become a fierce competitor for energy grid dominance – but only if the nation is able to take full advantage of its onshore wind potential, a new report suggests.

The document, which features the thoughts of some 800 energy sector professionals, suggests that wind power will be fighting for true grid equivalence by the year 2024, assuming onshore wind does not face further resistance in the years ahead.

Published by Lloyd’s Register (LR) in recent days, the report suggests that the UK will overtake the likes of Denmark, Sweden and the US in terms of wind power over the next few years.

It estimates that by 2024, wind power will be fighting against traditional energy sources for grid dominance in the UK and Germany.

The US and Denmark will reach a similar stage by 2025, but it is unlikely that Sweden will be able to compete until 2033, the report suggests.

Despite the positive outlook, however, almost half of energy industry experts believe that further resistance to onshore wind in the UK could hinder this kind of progress.

Karl Ove Ingebrigtsen, Director of Low Carbon Power Generation at LR, said that the findings should help to “inform industry debate and energy policy across the world.”

Meanwhile, Alasdair Buchanan, Director of Energy at LR, added: “Our latest Technology Radar – Renewable Energy research reflects the most current and forward-looking attitudes, actions, and investment behaviours in both global and local renewable energy markets.

“These trends are striving to shape tomorrow’s sustainable energy mix and are framing a clear end in sight for a big transformational shift in sustainable energy provision.”