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Woman who received £90 million divorce settlement fighting for larger pay-out at Court of Appeal

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A UK woman who was granted a £90 million divorce settlement when she split from her property tycoon ex-husband is fighting for a larger pay-out at the Court of Appeal.

Ms Camilla Versteegh was married to multi-millionaire property magnate Gerard Versteegh for 21 years.

The couple had three children together and shared a £60 million home in the affluent London borough of Kensington, living a “truly exceptional” lifestyle.

They decided to separate in 2014 and a Court awarded Ms Versteegh approximately £90 million worth of cash and assets – despite the fact that she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement prior to her marriage in 1993, which stipulated that she should have any right to share her husband’s wealth.

Mr Versteegh said that he had been “very generous” to his wife considering the prenup.

However, the disgruntled divorcee claims that “justice and fairness demand” that she should be entitled to much more, as she signed the prenup hastily “without any legal advice or the opportunity for legal advice.”

Her ex-husband’s assets are estimated to total somewhere in the region of £273 million.

However, due to uncertainties surrounding Brexit, his legal team previously argued that his property empire was impossible to value at the time of their divorce.

According to reports, Ms Versteegh has taken her case to the Court of Appeal, where she is currently fighting for least £25 million more than she was initially awarded.

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