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Workplace practices at JD Sports and questioned

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At least 140 people have been sent to hospital in the last four years following incidents at JD Sports’ Rochdale warehouse according to a new report in the Guardian. After submitting a freedom of information request, the newspaper revealed ambulances had been dispatched to the warehouse 166 times since 2013, with 140 of these incidents resulting in a person requiring hospital treatment. The revelation comes amidst a Channel 4 undercover investigation saw workers describe the conditions at the warehouse as being “worse than a prison”. A spokesperson for JD Sports insisted that health and safety remained a “high priority” for the company, while suggesting that given the number of workers at the Rochdale warehouse, the amount of incidents on site were “proportionally low”.

The working practices at Boohoo have also faced scrutiny this week. According to a Channel 4 undercover investigation, the contracts of workers are terminated after “three strikes” for “minor” mistakes. Other alleged practices included workers being docked 15 minutes’ worth of pay for being a minute late, while some workers have been required to walk up to 25 miles during a shift. In response to the allegations, Boohoo has said that they “are disappointed some individuals may still refer to strikes. This is not in line with our current policies”.

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