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Brownfield site owners urged to transform their land

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Owners of underused brownfield sites are being urged to consider transforming their land with energy generation and storage facilities to bring in extra income amid the energy crisis.

Commercial property solicitor Phil Hunt, from Midlands law firm mfg Solicitors, says owners could receive rental income from an energy-generating tenant on their land whilst also promoting the latest green methods.

Phil, an associate at the firm who advises on all aspects of commercial property, says: “The energy crisis dominates the news and the resulting turmoil has done little to calm the fears of many. 

Turning away from economic news and looking at the ongoing battle with climate change, it is also clear that fixing our attention on alternative, cleaner energy sources has never been so important.

It is therefore the perfect time for owners of brownfield sites to consider developing an otherwise underused plot of land into an energy importation, generation, storage and distribution facility.”

A brownfield site refers to any land which has been previously developed but which is not currently in use.  Phil advises owners to seek advice about the potential of transforming their land into something far more useful to themselves and the wider community.

He added: “It is best to determine if your site is viable at an early stage before progressing matters with potential tenants. 

Checking if the site is viable could include whether the necessary land interests are or could be put in place between the substation and the brownfield site, including negotiation of any required new easements, wayleaves and substation leases.”

Phil says that the process involves a number of key elements requiring assistance, including negotiating land and lease agreements, obtaining the necessary planning permission and grid connection offers, as well as dealing with any adjustments required to existing occupational arrangements.

“Now might be a very good time to get involved with this fast-growing and fast-changing market,” he added.

Brownfield site owners interested in learning more can contact Phil via email through