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Expert lawyer team set up to take on Elderly Care and Court of Protection issues

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Law firm mfg Solicitors has unveiled its new Elderly Care and Court of Protection Department which strengthens links with specialists across the firm in care, tax, contentious and non-contentious Court of Protection matters – providing one of the region’s largest and most experienced legal services for elderly loved ones.

The new seven-strong team, based at the firm’s Kidderminster headquarters, is led by newly appointed partner and respected care expert Tracy Ashby – with contentious Court of Protection specialists and partners, Suzanne Lee and Robert Weston, playing key roles in advising clients, supported by assistant solicitor Andrew Chandler.

Tax expert and partner Gary Priest, and associate Amanda Piper, also form a vital part of the new department together with Court of Protection Professional Deputy, Gill Browne.

The team’s launch comes following numerous calls for specialist advice about the complex minefield of elderly welfare, care home fees and finances.

Miss Ashby said: “Our clients are frequently asking for advice on care fees, family liability, how to deal with finances while a loved one is in care and how to make a will for someone who has lost capacity. There are also more issues with abuse of finances and concerns about care provided.

“With so many experts across the firm we felt the time was right to launch the new department and bring all care and Court of Protection related advice into one team – making best use of our various talents and experience.

“It’s a service already being well received by families in the region.

“One of the objectives is to help clients avoid litigation wherever possible and reduce the cost as well as stress during a very difficult time.”

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