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Free legal advice for Herefordshires pub landlords

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A legal firm is offering free advice to help support the county’s pub landlords following a police crackdown on pub and club licence conditions across Herefordshire.

An expert team from law firm MFG Solicitors is offering pub and club landlords a free review of their existing Premises Licences or Club Premises Certificates together with advice on any amendments which may need to be made. Leading the free advice initiative is Amanda Pillinger, an associate at the Worcester-based law firm.

MFG has launched the free service following a campaign kicked-off by West Mercia Police who are seeking to strictly enforce licence conditions on the county’s pubs and clubs – focussing on issues such as opening hours, alcohol serving times, entertainment restrictions and safety. Many of these conditions are historic and no longer relevant or necessary.

Ms Pillinger, a liquor licencing specialist, said: “It’s clear that the vast majority of pub landlords across Herefordshire want to be on the right side of the law and although this latest police crackdown is reasonable in many ways, we want to help ensure no licence holders in Herefordshire are issued with closure notices, hefty fines or at worst, prison sentences.

“The Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates issued by the licensing authority are full of complicated conditions, some run into several pages, so it’s not surprising that many pub landlords I’ve spoken to are worried they are unwittingly breaking their terms and conditions. It’s a big issue we want to help resolve.

“People’s social habits are changing and that means pub and club owners across the county may also wish to review the terms of their licences as they try to come up with new revenue-raising ideas, such as live entertainment, extended opening hours or even to process a planning application.

“Pubs and clubs across Herefordshire are vital contributors to the local economy so we are delighted to give our support by offering free, professional legal advice. We hope to work with as many as possible, especially at a time when they are under a very intense police spotlight.”

Pub and club owners who wish to arrange a free advice session with Ms Pillinger, either at the law firm’s offices or at their own premises, can telephone 0845 55 55 321 or email