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Worcestershire lawyer issues alert

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Lawyer issues alert over Tory social care funding revolution

A leading Worcestershire care lawyer has warned homeowners that their property could be at risk after the Prime Minister unveiled plans to make people pay more for social care.

Amanda Piper, an associate at law firm mfg Solicitors, has alerted families following Theresa May presenting her flagship policy to overhaul England’s care system – with people worth more than £100,000 having to contribute to the costs of their care if the Conservatives are successful on 8 June.

Under the plans, for the first time ever, where someone is receiving care in their own home, the value of their home is to be brought into account when deciding how much they must pay for the care they receive – a departure from the current system where only income and savings are calculated.

Ms Piper said that whilst the changes may seem to be generous, it is likely that thousands more people will be liable to contribute to the cost of being looked after.

She said: “Previous proposals put forward by David Cameron’s Government concerning the £72,000 cap for care fees were put back to 2020.

“However, in their General Election manifesto, the Conservatives have now flipped their policy and are proposing eye-watering changes to the rules about what assets are taken into account when determining who will have to pay for their care.

“My biggest worry is that homes could be put at risk if people are over the £100,000 threshold – something which could see them potentially spending far more on care when compared to the Government’s previous proposals.

“Under the current system anyone with assets over £23,250  is expected to contribute to the costs of their care needs. If someone is receiving care in their own home then only their savings and investments are taken into account and the value in the home is disregarded. This new proposal will see the value of a person’s home also having to be taken into account if they are receiving care at home. In many cases this will mean that people will be required to fund their care, with the local authority not stepping in until they fall below £100,000.

“It’s going to be a burden for many people across the county and my best advice if the Conservatives win at the ballot box on 8 June, is to take advice swiftly.”

Following the release of the Conservative Party manifesto, Ms Piper has produced an action plan and checklist for those concerned about the proposed changes to the costs of social care. Readers can call Amanda through 01905 610410 or via email