Brian Flint


Admitted in 1979, Brian Flint has been a Partner at Pearson Rowe since 1982. Pearson Rowe merged with mfg Solicitors LLP in 2018.

Areas of Expertise:

Brian has a wealth of commercial and background legal knowledge and is now practising as a Commercial Property Lawyer in relation to Freehold and Leasehold transactions.

Historically he has 20 years’ background in dealing with business and contractual areas including both private individual, small business and corporate matters.

Where necessary Brian is dedicated to getting to the heart of issues quickly, so they can be addressed as effectively as possible with his support.

Previously he has also acted for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in four interventions to close down solicitors’ practices, giving him the practical experience and knowledge to advise solicitors looking to wind up their firm in a proper and orderly manner if necessary.

Membership of Professional Bodies & Organisations:

Brian is a member of Step, Pyramus and Thisbe and The Birmingham Law Society.