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Katherine Tippetts

What is Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation?

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Mediation is an alternative means by which the two parties can try and resolve issues. These may be issues regarding contact arrangements for the children, or alternatively financial matters as part of divorce proceedings or following separation. The...

How do I apply for a Parental Responsibility Order?

  • Posted

Parental Responsibility is a term which describes all the rights and responsibilities that parents have in relation to their children. This includes for example, being responsible for consenting to medical treatment for a child, making decisions such as...

How do I dispute an application to change a child's name?

  • Posted

In order to change a child’s name any party who has parental responsibility for the child must agree to the change of child’s name. If all parties who have parental responsibility agree to the change of the child’s name then a Change of...

Do I need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

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It is always advisable for the parties to enter into a Pre-Nuptial Agreement prior to marriage. The purpose of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is to record what both parties would wish to happen to the finances in the event of the unfortunate breakdown of the...