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Matthew Allen

Crypto Currency and Phishing Attempts On the Rise

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Cryptocurrency is now an accepted currency across the world and is increasing in popularity with investors and traders alike. With its high volatility and the associated risks of cryptocurrency, there is a chance for investors to make large sums of money as...

Directors Duties - What are they and who do they apply to?

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What is the difference between a shareholder and a director? A shareholder of a limited company is an individual or entity that owns shares in it. This allows the shareholder to receive a potential dividend in return for their investment...

New transparency rules to keep companies squeaky clean

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Company directors, people with significant control of a company, or anyone who files on behalf of a company, must ensure they comply with new transparency rules from March 2024. Greater scrutiny of information lies at the heart of the new legislation,...

Watch out Ed, the robots are coming....

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Ed Sheeran has been defending himself in court against claims that he copied Marvin Gaye’s classic Let’s Get it On for his 2014 hit I’m thinking out loud . And while the songwriter had a successful outcome, copyright experts say...