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Robert Weston

Disputes over the practicalities following a death

  • Posted

When a person dies, one of the first questions to be asked is what happens to the body of the Deceased. In the vast majority of cases a deceased person’s body cannot be owned and so certain categories of people are given the responsibility to...

Beneficiaries' rights to information

  • Posted

We receive several enquiries from beneficiaries to an estate where they believe the personal representative of the estate is not forthcoming with information or their entitlement. Do personal representatives need to keep beneficiaries informed and what...

Validity of Wills in light of COVID-19

  • Posted

Many practitioners in England and Wales have seen an influx of clients looking to update their Wills in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many will be pleased that Wills are finally getting the attention they deserve, practitioners must take care to...

Proprietary Estoppel

  • Posted

Proprietary Estoppel: How to protect against ruinous disputes over property and broken promises. In our latest blog, partner Robert Weston covers the sad case of a grandmother who lost her home following an expensive court battle with her daughter,...

The real cost of "no win, no fee"

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“No win, no fee” sounds like a win-win situation, a good and honest deal – and in certain cases it can be. The implication is that if you lose the case, then you don’t owe anyone anything for trying. If you win, you walk away with the...