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BLOG: How to seek a refund on faulty items

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How to seek a refund on faulty items – consumer rights to refunds

Q. When might I be entitled to a refund?

A. Any item you purchase must be: 1) of satisfactory quality 2) fit for purpose and 3) match its description. Examples may be where the goods are broken or damaged.

Q. I have spoken with the staff at the shop and they will not refund me – what should I do?

A. You may want to start by writing a letter to the head office of the shop setting out why you believe that you are entitled to a refund.

Q. The shop will not refund me. Is there anything else that I can do?

A. If you paid by credit then the bank may give you your money back through the chargeback scheme. If you used your credit card for a purchase over £100 then you can make a section 75 claim as an alternative method for claiming your money back. For further information you should contact your bank.

Q. What alternatives are available to me?

A. You could look to see whether the shop is part of a Trade Association. If it is then you can contact the trade association who might be able to assist you further.

Q. I have exhausted all of the above routes and I still have not obtained a refund. What can I do now?

A. You may want to issue court proceedings against the shop. This can be done via the Money Claims Online service. A court fee will be payable.

Q. What if there is nothing wrong with the goods and I have just changed my mind?

A. Unless the shop operates its own returns policy then you will have no entitlement, in law, to return the goods.

Q. Can mfg help me to get a refund?

A. If you would like assistance in obtaining a refund then you can contact Rebecca Rogers on 01562 516059 or for further advice.