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Proposed Employment Tribunal Fees and Their Implications

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Last week the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) began a consultation on the re-introduction of fees for employment tribunal claims and appeals to the EAT.

How Does the Proposed Fee Structure Impact Employment Tribunal Claims and Appeals?

The consultation runs from 29 January to 25 March 2024 and proposes a £55 issue fee for all employment tribunal claims. There will be some exceptions. The  £55 issue fee will cover all aspects of the employment tribunal claim, or multiple claims. For appeals it will be slightly different and the proposal is the appellant should pay a fee of £55 for each judgment, decision, direction or order being appealed in the EAT.

What Prompts the MoJ's Consultation on Tribunal Fees?

The government wishes to re-introduce fees for reasons of consistency with other civil courts and tribunals, and to generate funds (an estimated £1.3m–£1.7m a year) to invest into Acas dispute resolution, and ultimately reduce the cost to taxpayers. It considers the re-introduction of tribunal fees might encourage parties to resolve their disputes via Acas early conciliation and that a £55 fee would be proportionate sum to achieve these aims. We’ll update further once the outcome of the consultation is published.

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