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The Cost of Skipping Employment Checks

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Twas the day before Valentines…

Back in August 2023 the Home Office announced it would be increasing the penalties applied to employers who employ individuals who do not have the appropriate immigration permission in the UK. No date for implementing these increases was provided until now.

When will the penalty increase?

From the 13 February 2024 the penalty will be tripled, meaning the current maximum of £15,000 per illegal worker (for a first breach) will increase to £45,000 per illegal worker.  Where there have been repeat breaches by an employer the current maximum of £20,000 will increase to £60,000 per illegal worker. 

What does this mean for me?

Employment checks are an important element of recruitment and a failure to do so by employers before they say, “I do”, in employment terms at least, will prove increasingly costly from 13 February. 

Find out more

If your company wishes to keep ahead of changes to UK employment law, we shall be running practical workshops on many key employment topics throughout 2024.

Details can be obtained by contacting:

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