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The regulatory importance of the UK's energy sector

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Underlined by the fact that almost 50% of the UK’s electricity now comes from renewable sources, the energy sector is moving at rapid pace - with advances in technology and renewables prompting the need for scrupulous regulatory requirements.

With a team of specialists across the firm, we provide expert advice on the legal requirements for renewable and energy projects to ensure that you adhere to all regulatory requirements, whilst maximising profits when contributing towards the UK’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

We act for both landowners and developers on a range of mixed-use development projects, with particular focus on solar and battery storage facilities.

From the initial terms of the deal through to the acquisition process, financing, regulatory requirements, and connection to the grid, our team help to carefully balance the needs of a developer against the landlord’s desire to protect their property interests and maximise revenue.


For developers, we will ensure that you have adequate time to evaluate the site, ensure that the site has the necessary planning permissions and grid connection, and conduct full due diligence to clarify that there are no issues prohibiting the use of the site as a renewable storage facility.


If you are a forward-thinking landowner, we will ensure that you are not subject to any unnecessary costs or losses while the land is being used by the developer and that provision is made for reinstatement when the agreement comes to an end.

Documentation and terms

The most used documents in renewable projects are option agreements and commercial leases. Typically, an option will be granted for a two to three year period whilst the solar developer obtains grid connections, planning permission and possibly funding.

Meanwhile, the lease terms are anything upwards of 30 years (possibly with a right to further extend), making this a long-term commitment for the landowner but equally a long-term revenue stream.

Specialist advice

Our Commercial Property team can assist you to make the right decisions and limit your risks in a fair and balanced way.

We work with our colleagues within the Agricultural and Rural Affairs team here at mfg to make sure the commercial arrangements also fit with existing uses on the land.

If you are a landowner or a developer and you require any assistance with a proposed renewable development project, you can get in touch with our respected Commercial Property Partners Clare Regan and Beth Margetson who can provide expert, honest advice on the legal process.

You can contact Clare and Beth by email through or