Employment Law

Legal Fees and Retainer Service

We offer a free 15 minute consultation where you can speak to an employment solicitor for initial advice on employment related issues. The consultation enables you to find out how we can help you.

If after that you want to instruct us, we can represent you on an hourly rate. How much you pay will depend upon the amount of time spent on your case and the level of experience of your legal representative.

We will provide you with an estimate of potential costs from the outset, giving you complete clarity. We are happy to work within a fixed budget and not to go beyond it without your agreement. If anything changes during the course of your claim, we will tell you straight away and give you clear options on how to proceed.

In most circumstances we are able to offer fixed fees or agree fees in advance of carrying out work. In addition and in order to make life a little easier, our clients are able to choose a number of different payment methods.


Many of our clients choose to instruct us on a monthly retainer basis. We discuss what level of assistance the client requires and set up a bespoke retainer arrangement. This arrangement allows clients to accurately budget for their legal assistance. The arrangements are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are set at the appropriate level. Click here to find out more.


Some clients prefer the assurance of a legal expenses policy providing cover for both legal expenses and any tribunal awards in the event that a claim is made against them. We have an arrangement with an insurance company that ensures our clients get the appropriate level of cover whilst continuing to be advised by us. Many clients have experienced schemes in the past where the employment advice is given centrally and they are given advice from a different advisor each time they make contact. The arrangement that we have ensures you receive good commercial advice from a firm that knows and understands your business.

In order to obtain a quote for this insurance scheme we will need your annual turnover figure and your annual wage roll figure.

Paying Privately

Some of our clients still prefer to use us on an “as and when needed” basis. These clients are usually billed monthly or quarterly or however is agreed.