Divorce and Finances on Separation

Divorce Financial Settlements

Dividing your finances is often the most complicated part of divorce and separation, especially where there are high value and complex issues to deal with, such as pensions, business ownership, shares and investments and international assets.

Having the right legal advice and guidance is essential to help you get a fair financial settlement that meets your needs and lets you make a clean break as quickly as possible. In many cases it is possible to negotiate a settlement without court proceedings, if you have the support of an experienced legal team with the necessary skills and approach.

The Family Law team at mfg solicitors is independently recognised for our leading expertise in all areas of family law, including divorce financial matters. We are highly ranked by leading client guides the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, and we are accredited by the Law Society for Family Law.

We are highly skilled with both negotiated settlements and court proceedings, so whatever approach you need, our family lawyers can help you get the best available outcome. We can take urgent action if assets need to be protected or if you require immediate maintenance payments to meet your financial needs or those of your children.

Our team acts for a wide range of clients, with particular experience acting for medium to high net worth clients including professionals such as dentists and doctors, farmers and landowners, and cases involving family businesses and partnerships.

You will have a dedicated solicitor acting for you from the start and through every stage of reaching a financial settlement. This gives you a single, consistent point of contact who will get to know you and your case, allowing us to deliver the high quality, personal service you deserve.

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Our divorce law expertise

  • We are ranked Tier 2 for Family Law by the Legal 500 for the wider West Midlands area
  • We hold the top Band 1 ranking for Family/Matrimonial Law from Chambers & Partners for Hereford, Worcester and the surrounding area
  • Several of our team have achieved individual recognition as leading family lawyers by Chambers & Partners
  • Our team includes several members of Resolution, a network of family lawyers committed to removing conflict from divorce and family disputes
  • Family Law Partner Claire Backler is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel
  • Associate Solicitor Rupinder Nandra is a qualified Solicitor-Advocate who can provide highly effective representation for family court proceedings

How we can help you to get a fair financial settlement for your divorce

Negotiating a divorce settlement

Our divorce lawyers are highly experienced in negotiating settlements under even the most challenging circumstances. We can usually help you to avoid court proceedings where this is a priority, saving you time, legal fees and unnecessary stress.

We can help with non-confrontational approaches to divorce, including:

Mediation – We can recommend trusted mediators who can assist you and your former partner in agreeing a financial settlement. Our divorce lawyers can also advise you on your legal position before mediation and review any agreement you make through mediation.

Drawing on specialist advice from our other departments, we can ensure issues such as property, business interests, inheritance and family trusts are properly considered.

We also work with trusted professionals including accountants, independent financial advisers and pensions advisers, so you have the full range of advice needed to get a settlement that meets your long-term needs.

Making a voluntary settlement legally binding

If you have already agreed a financial settlement voluntarily with your former partner, we can make this agreement legally binding for you by applying to a court for a Consent Order.

Without this, your former partner is theoretically free to change their mind about the agreement in future. This can be particularly problematic if you are reliant on them for ongoing financial support, whether for you or your children.

Having your agreement formalised with a Consent Order gives both parties certainty for the future as you will both be legally bound by the terms of your agreement and you can take enforcement action if your former partner does not stick to the agreement terms.

Going to divorce court for a Financial Order

Should you and your spouse be unable to agree a settlement voluntarily, we can support you in making an application to a family court for a Financial Order. This will allow a judge to decide how your finances should be divided based on what they think is fair.

You and your former partner will both have the chance to present your case to the court, including a full disclosure of your assets and financial needs. We can help you to prepare your case and represent you during your hearing, giving you close personal support for every stage of proceedings and helping you get the best available settlement.

Issues to consider when making a divorce settlement


For many couples, your home will be your most valuable asset, as well as having significant emotional resonance. We can assist with deciding what happens to your family home and any other property you own, as well as dealing with issues such as valuing your property, selling property and transfer of ownership.


Pensions often now make up a significant part of divorce settlements, so it is important to consider the fairest way to deal with pension pots and future payments. We can advise you on options such as transferring part of a pension pot from one spouse to the other on divorce or where giving one spouse a percentage of the monthly pension income is more appropriate.


If you or your spouse have received an inheritance or are due to receive an inheritance, we can guide you on how this should be reflected in your divorce settlement. We can also help with considering how any divorce settlement may affect inheritance for your children or other dependants.

Business assets

Business ownership and investments can complicate matters for divorce settlements, so expert advice and a careful approach is required. Our divorce financial experts can advise you on issues such as how to reflect the value of a business in your divorce settlement, protecting the integrity of a business and planning for the future of a business you co-own with your spouse.

International assets

International assets can present a challenge during divorce settlement negotiations. It is important to make sure all such assets are fully disclosed and accurately valued as this is a requirement for any financial settlement. We can advise on asset disclosure and valuation, including where you have concerns that your spouse may be attempting to hide international assets.

Our divorce financial settlement pricing

We aim for complete transparency with our pricing, so will be happy to provide an upfront estimate of costs with no hidden fees or charges. This allows you to clearly see how much reaching a financial settlement is likely to cost, including the cost implications of taking different approaches, such as mediation, collaborative law and court proceedings.

Fixed fee divorce services

Certain parts of our services can be offered for a fixed fee agreed in advance, such as applying for a Consent Order or reviewing an agreement reached through mediation. This gives you complete certainty over the costs involved in dealing with a specific matter.

Hourly rates for divorce services

For more complex matters, we will generally work to an agreed hourly rate. This gives you clarity over the costs involved, while ensuring we can provide exactly the level of support you need for every stage of securing a financial settlement.

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