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Rebecca Rogers

COVID 19 Crisis - Cash flow has never been so important

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Effective and efficient debt recovery is vital to the continuation of any business, even more so in these unprecedented times. With experts warning that that we may see a financial crisis like no other, businesses need to ensure that they have sufficient...

BLOG: How to seek a refund on faulty items

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How to seek a refund on faulty items – consumer rights to refunds Q. When might I be entitled to a refund? A. Any item you purchase must be: 1) of satisfactory quality 2) fit for purpose and 3) match its...

BLOG: How to reject a faulty vehicle if purchased from a trader

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Q. What standard does the vehicle have to meet? A. The vehicle must be 1) of satisfactory quality 2) fit for purpose and 3) as described. Q. How long do I have to reject a faulty vehicle? A....

BLOG: How to recover an outstanding rent

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How to recover an outstanding rent, service charge and ground rent arrears Q. My tenant has fled leaving unpaid rent, how do I recover this? A. The first step would be to send the ex-tenant a letter before action...

BLOG: How to issue a small claim in the county court

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Q. What is a small claim? A. A small claim is a claim which has a value of less than £10,000. Q. Do I need to take any steps before issuing a claim? A. Yes. Before issuing a claim you...

BLOG: How to enforce a County Court Judgment

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Q. Is there a time limit for enforcing a County Court Judgment? A. There is no strict limitation date for enforcing a Judgment. However, delay in enforcing can have consequences. Furthermore, permission may be required for some methods...