Employment Law

Discrimination and Equality Issues

If you feel you have been harassed or treated less favourably for a reason related to your age, disability, gender, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief or sex, then we can advise you whether you may be able to make a claim against your employer or colleagues.

It does not matter if the discrimination was deliberately aimed at you or for how long you worked for your employer, but to be able to enforce your employment rights, you do need to act quickly. In most cases you will have just three months from the date the discrimination took place or three months from the end of your employment to preserve your employment rights.

You should try and address the problem by speaking to your employer, either informally or by raising a grievance, but we know there are times when the situation may be so intolerable that there is no alternative but to resign. Getting legal advice from us quickly is essential, especially if you wish to leave so that we can help negotiate an exit before you resign.

There is no ceiling on the amount of compensation an Employment Tribunal can award if someone has been discriminated against. The award will normally include compensation for the injury to your feelings and will take account of any losses you have suffered.