Employment Law

Employee Redundancy Legal Advice

If you are facing the prospect of being made redundant, it is important to obtain expert advice as soon as possible as employers do not always get redundancy and terminations right. It may be your position is not really at risk of redundancy or your employer may have not consulted with you correctly or selected you fairly for redundancy.

If your redundancy has already been confirmed, you have just three months from the date your employment ends to have taken steps to start an Employment Tribunal claim.

You will usually need to have been employed with your employer for at least two years to claim unfair dismissal. There are many exceptions to this rule:

  • Asserting a statutory right;
  • Participating in trade union activities;
  • Whistleblowing; and/or
  • Your dismissal was connected with health and safety concerns.

If you win your case, an Employment Tribunal can award you compensation to reflect the loss of past and future wages, as well as pension and other contractual benefits such as bonus and commission payments.

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