Employment Law

Consultancy Agreements

If you are engaging individuals or other businesses to provide a service, it may be necessary for you to have a consultancy agreement in place. Consultancy agreements are common where a business appoints a self-employed individual to undertake a particular project, activity, service or task for you. Consultants are not regarded as employees and have far fewer rights to enforce against your business.

If a consultancy arrangement is being entered into, it is important for you and the consultant or business to ensure that an appropriately worded agreement is put in place and that the agreement accurately reflects the relationship between the parties.

We will make sure the agreement covers everything needed to ensure you are kept safe, such as defining the contractor’s employment status, how the arrangement is to be terminated, defining the services to be provided and protecting your business if the consultant wishes to nominate a substitute to carry out the work.

Without an consultancy agreement, you could find your business exposed to financial liabilities and face an unexpected Employment Tribunal claim.

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