Employment Law

Employee Grievance and Disciplinary Issues

As an employer, you may have to investigate an allegation of misconduct or you may have received a grievance or complaint from an employee. If you are faced with a dispute, you should ensure that everyone complies with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance procedures. Failure to do so could lead to an Employment Tribunal increasing compensation by up to 25%. In some cases, this could result in a substantial increase particularly if a claim involves an element of discrimination or harassment.

Ideally your grievance and disciplinary procedures should be tailored to your business. We can help you put in place a clear process for dealing with the issues. When problems arise, we will support you throughout the disciplinary and grievance process and help you make a decision that follows best practice and protects your business from a potential claim.

Our specialist employment law solicitors and HR professionals will work with you to ensure the correct process is followed to enable you to make the right decision with minimal delay, inconvenience and cost. If you do not have the resources or are unable to undertake the process yourself, our HR professionals can act as an investigating consultant on your behalf.

If you wish to obtain the advice our specialist employment solicitors and HR professionals to help you understand your employment and advice you on your legal position, please contact us or complete the enquiry form. You can also use the enquiry form to request a call back from one our experts.