Employment Law

Employment Contracts

We believe the starting point for sound employee relationships and for preventing disputes from escalating to an Employment Tribunal are to have expertly crafted contracts in place. All employees are entitled to be given written particulars of their employment within two months’ of starting work. It is crucial that every employer has these in place. If you do not, an Employment Tribunal can award compensation of at least two weeks’ pay.

Whether you are employing a senior worker or an apprentice, full-time or part-time, we will advise you on what should be included in your contracts to protect your business and tailor them to meet your needs, such as measures to protect your business interests for workers with access to commercially sensitive and confidential information.

We will also regularly review your contracts to ensure they comply with the latest developments in employment law and help you implement changes if needed.

If you wish to obtain the advice our specialist employment solicitors and HR professionals to help you understand your employment and advice you on your legal position, please contact us or complete the enquiry form. You can also use the enquiry form to request a call back from one our experts.