Employment Law

Employee Sickness and Absence Management

Few businesses can afford to be without a skilled and experienced member of staff for too long, not to mention the expense of sick pay, overtime and recruiting replacements.

We understand the effect an employee's absence can have on colleagues and your business. However, it is essential that all employers recognise that managing sick or disabled employees raises legal issues and can expose an employer to unfair dismissal, discrimination, negligence or breach of contract claims.

As specialist employment solicitors and HR professionals, we advise and assist business cope with short-term, long-term and disability related absences.

We can provide you with the know how to manage sickness absences effectively such as identifying options when you doubt an employee is genuinely unwell, establishing the cause of the ill-health, your obligations if there is a disability, advising on sick and holiday pay, together with guidance on reintroducing employees who return to work after a long period of absence. We can also advise you if it is appropriate to dismiss an employee and what procedures to follow.

If you wish to obtain the advice our specialist employment solicitors and HR professionals to help you understand your employment and advice you on your legal position, please contact us or complete the enquiry form. You can also use the enquiry form to request a call back from one our experts.