Employment Law

Employment Tribunal Claims

Unfortunately, not every dispute can be easily resolved. If you are faced with a tribunal claim, it is important you do not delay in taking action. We will take this burden for you, advising you throughout and dealing with the claim, drafting documentation, liaising with Acas and providing representation at the Employment Tribunal.

Your main objective will be to limit potential damage to your business. If you are faced with a potential claim there are methods we can use to try to resolve the dispute to avoid proceedings being issued against you or stop the claim from reaching a Tribunal hearing.

If the dispute cannot be immediately resolved, we are here to support and defend your business, from initial preliminary advice on the merits of a dispute, preparing your defence, following the Employment Tribunal’s directions, case management orders, disclosure duties and the drafting of your witness statements.

From the outset, we tell you in plain, straightforward language our honest assessment of your prospects. Our specialist employment solicitors will also give you an idea as to the likely value of the claim if it is successful. This will help you decide whether to make an offer of settlement or defend the claim in full.

If you have been contacted by ACAS about a potential claim or received notice of a claim from the Employment Tribunal, you should contact us as quickly as possible. You have just 28 days to submit a defence.

If you wish to obtain the advice our specialist employment solicitors and HR professionals to help you understand your employment and advice you on your legal position, please contact us or complete the enquiry form. You can also use the enquiry form to request a call back from one our experts.